52 Jokers Wild

Back from the future ”In The Room” with 52 Jokers Wild

March 24, 2022

As we travel back from our future guesses to be in the room with 52 Jokers Wild, we have jumped back into a few of our early shows to see what we were talking about. Initially, it was about fear, and then we seemed to find that as a recurring topic in later shows. Then we looked at what was needed in the industry and how there seemed to be a paradox. Everyone wants producers, directors and writer, but seem to forget about the rest of the crew who make it possible to writers, directors and producers to see their dreams come true. All those unsung heroes need to be considered. Motivation is another topic, Garvin was influenced by writer Danielle Serpico, which inspired us to engage in the podcast process, then nearly a year later Danielle was on our show. Just goes to show how once you say what you want in words they can manifest themselves into reality.

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