52 Jokers Wild

Judith Blackburn, Director of Chicago Irish Film Festival ”In The Room” with 52 Jokers Wild.

January 27, 2022

Judith Blackburn, director of the Chicago Irish Film Festival says the strongest films coming out of Ireland are horror stories. Though a good comedy would also go down well. Garvin and George felt in their element creating more horror and generating laughs all the way. With feral children lost in the attics down in Thomastown, with creaky floorboards, spiders webs, and strange moaning noises sending shivers down George's spine. Sorry, no that's just Garvin moving some furniture around on the third floor preparing for the newest guests to up-and-coming boot camps. Getting back to the plot, the Chicago Irish Film Festival is definitely one for every budding Irish filmmaker to submit to, especially with an impartial voting system to get your film chosen. It's really down to your to pull all the fingers out and make sure you're carving out your best film. Just a second, why has it gone dark? Another horror story looms in the corridors off Chapel Lane......

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