52 Jokers Wild

Phil McKenzie, COO of Goldfinch, ”In The Room” with 52 Jokers Wild

March 17, 2022

In the room, this session is Phil McKenzie, COO of Goldfinch who talks about Finance, Production & Ventures in Entertainment & Exploring Web3. Yes, we got talking about Block Chains, NFTs or Non-fungible Tokens, you know digital cats that can be traced to their original owner. No, no, their not real cats that have been tagged (though thinking about it perhaps that might be a use for them). No, these are digital artefacts that are unique, one of a kind. Yes, yes, I know digital things can be copied and not degenerate. Oh, no, this conversation could easily degenerate in one of our typical conversations (BOOM). Ok, head cleared, Seriously, now, this is a good thing. Especially with all the deep fake stuff. We need to be able to discover the origins of things. Who created them. No, we're not getting into a philosophical debate. Simply put, we talk about improving prospects for women creatives in film, funding opportunities and eenn-ph-tees. That is the programme, you get the idea. Oh, and Garvin is quiet for quite a few minutes at the start. I thought it was a deep fake version of him, but he soon got wound up, proving he is the original. Yes, go watch the show, you'll love it.

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