52 Jokers Wild

Robots or AI? To be concise! ”In The Room” with 52 Jokers Wild

May 5, 2022

Each day brings us into a strange new world, one where what WE used to do is gradually being taken over by robots. Well, maybe not, maybe Artificial Intelligence, A.I. In the form of cars, lorries, potato pickers, lawyers, doctors, artists, dentists, mechanics, and filmmakers. What? We are all being taken over. So what's left? If all the creative stuff is being taken away from us. And, and, and, all the mundane stuff is also being automated, what's left? What are we supposed to do? Or, or, or, is it that we are really in a multiverse matrix where we can reinvent everything and not worry about having to do 50 hour weeks and can get to spend time with the family, especially the cat. Yes, that's right, the one in the box. What do you mean, it could be dead but also alive, and we won't know until we open the box? So do I have a choice? Other than opening the box to see either a dead cat or one that is licking its paws wondering what took me so long to open the box.

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