52 Jokers Wild

Ronika Merl, Author, Screenwriter & Producer, is ”In The Room” with 52 Jokers Wild.

December 29, 2021

Ronika Merl has only been a scriptwriter for three years. Three years. Yep, that's right three years. And she has been firing on all cylinders, blasting out a grand total of 22 features in 36 months. The last producer told Roni the budget was just ten grand. No problem. 48 hours later. Bump. There's the script. No messing. Job done. None of this lily-livered pining over each syllable, glassy-eyed viewing the heavens for inspiration or looking for that elusive muse. If you want the job done, Roni's that gall. And she knows where the money is. She's a family woman and the kids need fed. Let's just get practical about this. This is her business. And when the job needs done, it gets done. No messing. A script is a script, not a novel. It's for someone else to interpret and Roni is here to collaborate. Enough said. Then she smiles.

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