52 Jokers Wild

Universe Builders ”In The Room” with 52 Jokers Wild

April 28, 2022

It doesn't matter whether you are building a Universe, Multiverse or just a simple little, short film project, you have to work out all the details, plan for all possibilities and remember the extra little ingredient of magic is the unknown that will always throw in a little extra bit of spice. That's the fun bit, the not knowing what will happen, the unexpected, the flaw in the tapestry but you still have to give it room to be there. If you don't it'll still manage to muscle in any way, and if you forget to invite it, it'll be very disruptive and moody. Possibly even sabotage the whole project. And you don't want that. Garvin and George start to go down deep into the fabric of their Academy Project, looking at the fine details that thread everything together, hoping there are no ladders that will wrench away at the stitching.

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